About Zoicwood


The beginning of the Cenozoic Period (66 million years ago) signaled the end of the dinosaur reign & the emergence of life similar to what exists today.

During the Cenzoic Period there was an abundance of flora (plants) including trees such as “teakwood” which in specific volcanic locations was able to replace the decaying wood cellulose with silica, a process called “silicification” which enabled the wood to be preserved over the last 25 million years.

Today, Zoicwood™ is that product, which connects the “Zoic” period (Cenzoic) with the distinctively unique & highly decorative natural silicified wood.

Being a natural silicified wood product, Zoicwood™ scarcity makes it highly valuable and its availability over the next decade will significantly diminish until it becomes virtually non-procurable.

Zoicwood™ Technologies was established to manufacture & produce a unique designed & engineered range of Zoicwood™ products.
The unique “Z-Frame” design created by Zoicwood™ is a globally protected owned, engineered & marketed by Zoicwood™ Technologies.

What other distinctive features does Zoicwood™ possess?:

  • Variegated range of colours – off-white, brown through to black,
  • ‘Wood grain’ pattern throughout the entire Zoicwood™ substrate,
  • Uniqueness – being a natural product no 2 products are ever the same,
  • Hardness – intense (all diamond tipped tools used),
  •  Density high (heavy), making its stability ideal for decorative displays.


The volcanic ash has another important function in the generation of petrified wood it is rich in silica minerals, the fluids percolating through the ash would also have been saturated with these minerals.

The fluids seeping through the ash slowly dissolved the original organic matter of the tree, atom by atom & replaced it with various silica-rich minerals such as quartz, chalcedony & jasper.

The preservation is so fine that in places you can see the cell structure of the original wood (“wood grain”).

The trees are exhumed with the aid of a pick axe & hard labour. The beautiful & varied colours come from trace elements that are dissolved in the silica. Traces of iron, for instance, impart the shades of brown & amber, while manganese oxide produce the black & blue colourations.


The process happens over an extremely long period of time (20-25 million years) during the cenoZoic era. When volcanoes erupted (in the case of Zoicwood it was Teakwood Trees) trees in the forest or mountains were blown down by the force of the eruption & encased in scorching volcanic ash. These trees were buried by thick ash which was so hot that it effectively sterilised the trees (no oxygen present), destroying all the microbes that normally cause wood to rot. What is fossilied wood otherwise known as “petrified wood”. The word petrified literally means “turn to stone”.

Petrified wood is a fossil of a woody plant (e.g. tree) preserved by per mineralisation by chemical & physical processes.


Zoicwood™ Technologies – is the local NZ based company that creates, designs, engineers and fabricates the frames and assembly structures required to produce the unique Zoicwood™ product range.

The unique Z-Frame configuration has been developed by Zoicwood Technologies & is now protected under a global patented design – the configuration is based on individual laser cutting with a reverse fold on a 10mm plate thickness which allows for an enormous level of stability & strength.

Under-pining the Z-Frame structure is an intricate attachment system that fully supports the weight & stability of the Z-Frame. The Z-Frame™ structure provides the user with the added versatility of being able to be used as a side table or stool.

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