Introducing our Zor-ganics™ Product Range


Zor-ganics is a natural organic range of designer furniture that brings nature indoors to your living environment. The natural colours, texture, wood grains, history & functionality is what uniquely defines these products.

What would drive me to purchase Zor-ganics? – aesthetic beauty, uniqueness, intrinsic & increase in value – year after year, limited supply, 25 million years old & a family heirloom. Zor-ganics – is a brand owned by Zoicwood Technologies Ltd [ZTL].  Zor-ganics [ZTL] designs, manufactures & wholesales a full range of range of organic furniture products including;

– Stools
– Coffee Tables
– Sode-tables/Consoles
– Dining Tables

Zor-ganics designer furniture consists of 3 distinctive & unique product ranges;

Petrified Wood Range

Full Stools (square & round), Coffee Tables (all sizes, oval, solid & mosaic), Side-tables (round, square, rectangular), Consoles & Dining tables (customized) The availability of petrified wood is limited & like any product in short supply price only escalates. Purchasing Petrified Wood is based on a similar criteria as gemstines, whereby its value is based; weight, color, clarity of wood grain, shape, quality & overall aesthetic appearance.

Round side stool Zor-ganics
coffee table mosaic square modern organic


Zor-ganics petrified Wood quality is only available from a single country. This type of Petrified wood is teakwood that was deposited 25 million years ago, but in a unique volcano location, it is buried in the absence of oxygen and silica emitted from the volcano has replaced the organic wood fibre (cellulose) generating an environment that preserves the wood. However, during this process (called “silicification”) the Petrified Wood retains all of the natural organic components of wood-grain, variety of colours (produced from the surrounding minerals in the sicica including manganese for black, iron for brown), texture, hardness and weight (same density as silica – quartz).

Petrified wood is a tactile product – you need to touch (its cold like jade), feel it & admire its unique beauty.


“Cracked Resin” Range

Full Stools (square, round & drum shaped), Side-tables & Coffee Tables. “Cracked resin” products are a unique, visually stunning & are produced by taking cracked glass & embedding it into rsin which gives the appearance of crystalline quartz with all its light reflective colours. The “craked resin” is then infused into either natural teakwood or burnt (triple) wood, which is then polished into stools, side-tables, coffee tables.

“Acrylic Glass” Range

“Acrylic Glass” involves taking a natural organic material such as wood and have it suspended within the liqud acrylic resin giving the appearance of being frozen in time. This process technology is very new, complex & expensive to achieve. Zor-ganics "acrylic glass" products include stools, side –tables & coffee tables.